This obstacle alone will combat a large percentage of burglaries and home invasions. You and your GSD become closer through the training and having fun while doing so will not only make it more effective but will surely be quite the fun activity you can do every single day. While German Shepherds can be very aggressive and threatening to an intruder, they are also very loving dogs to the people that they know as their family. A US family returned home to find their floors and walls splattered in blood after their German Shepherd reportedly attacked an intruder. "Training ONLY". ... Never try to train your dog to bite or attack people. He is 130lbs. Will my German Shepherd protect me without training? Here's a neat story too, though it doesn't have to do with a intruder The trustworthy Dane will thrive in a family environment and is quite gentle with small children and other animals. When German shepherds attack unexpectedly, environmental, genetic and biological factors are responsible. Anonymous. German shepherd dogs are intelligent and will normally learn quickly. Bonnie said that out of all the dogs, Brinks would be the one to show aggression to an intruder. "Judge" is my 6 month old German Shepard trained to attack and hold on command. “I went down the stairs and went to the kitchen,” the mother of four tells her story. If an intruder jumped in a back yard with a german shepherd in it will the german shepherd attack the intruder? I’ve owned my house for 2 years now. Do German shepherds prefer one person? 10 years ago. Jason Spencer and his family also own a German shepherd. We already have a great Dane x rottweiler (neutered male) and a German shepherd (female). German Shepherd vs. Coyote. Even the friendliest, most docile Goldens are known to turn aggressive at signs of danger on their owner. • German Shepherd • Great Dane • Rottweiler. Point towards the “intruder” and command your dog to attack. The article started out asking the question can your family dog protect your family from an attack from an intruder—our dog loves my family with all her heart, so I’m sure she would sacrifice her life to save my families, ... My girl is a German Shepherd mix but very much has the German Shepherd temperament. 9 Answers. A firearm is completely useless unless someone is holding it. The shepherd's intelligent, loyal and protective temperament makes it an ideal service dog, which is why the U.S. Department of Defense currently employs 2,300 German shepherds, reports the charity Kevlar for K9s. German Shepherd attack training may be for the sole purpose of keeping you safe during dangerous scenarios, but the training aspect still holds true. In the night from Friday to Saturday, Elien Decouttere got up just before 1 am to drink some water. German Shepherds are fiercely loyal and this affects their temperament. If it runs towards the intruder, then it has gotten your message. Plus, a dog can think on its own and attack an intruder. What is the best German shepherd? When these dogs slip their leashes or escape their compounds, they can attack. Anonymous. A German Shepherd. Step 4. A German Shepherd is vigilant even when their owners are resting. Answer Save. The outcome of an altercation between a German Shepherd and a coyote could go either way, depending on multiple factors. If the dog is a large dog and the inexperienced owner or person is in … There is no correct answer to the question of which between a German Shepherd and a coyote would win in a fight. If someone broke into my home will he attack them? German Shepherd #1 . Encourage your dog’s bark announcing strangers who come to your house. A German Shepherd foiled a robbery attempt at a family home in Richmond, Virginia — and there’s a … Will a German shepherd attack its owner? She’s a sweet dog but she can get very anxious around strangers. Brinks has every reason to be protective: she recently had puppies and is known to be protective of the family’s children. This is my son, he is the intruder. Will a German shepherd attack an intruder? I saw a lot of videos where people test if untrained dogs (including GS's) would attack intruders. this is a lovely rare vintage silver charm of a police whistle which opens up to reveal a german shepherd/alsation dog. According to KTLA, the family’s German Shepherd apparently attacked an intruder while they were out. But she won’t just attack someone randomly unless they’re a danger, like the person who tried to rob my house. Even though the owner doesn’t consider the stranger as a threat, the German Shepherd can attack the stranger. In the video, the owner would leave the house, and a fake intruder would break in. Relevance. A German Shepherd will not bite its owner if the two have developed a trusting relationship. Houston-area dogs put to test. Even though we love them as part of our family, they are still animals who behave on in built instincts. It will give warning of an intruder. I have a 2 year old pure bred german shepherd. It will also attack on command. “Aika, our German Shepherd Dog who sleeps in a basket in the kitchen at … In all cases, an untrained German shepherd didn't attack the intruder. Dog owners need to ask themselves a few key questions, especially when it comes to dealing with large dogs like GSDs, Rottweiler, and so on. Repeat step 13, but while the dog is going for the intruder, shout the word “stop” to see if it will obey. As a personal protection dog, the German Shepherd will attack an intruder if they try and proceed to trespass an area that they should not be in. I brought my dog with me from my apartment before this. The big, brawny German Shepherd was described as lovable by his owner, Jason Spencer. Litter of German Shepherd puppies. A dog can bark and alert the owner to an intruder, so a burglar would think twice about coming in. Elizabeth Perez owns a German shepherd named Gjango and a beagle named Charlie. I live alone. A Golden Retriever will become aggressive and attack if an intruder becomes physically aggressive with the dog’s owner. This German Shepherd listens better than most kids these days. I have a 4 year old German shepherd. At what age does a German shepherd start guarding? Would an untrained dog protect me from an attack? Fear Aggression; A German Shepherd may be aggressive when he is punished or abused by his handler. Would your dog attack an intruder? ... German shepherds can be very kind, but only attack if trained to (Or someone is like punching someone they love or respect) 0 1. She described Gjango as “pretty aggressive, very protective." A German Shepherd can become aggressive to a stranger because he perceives the stranger as a threat to his owner and his territory. Great Dane here, if you plan to keep a dog just for guarding but not to attack kids the German Shepherd and Dobermann wouldn't be suitable for you. read more 14. As soon as he has that gun out, a German Shepherd leaps up from the floor and grabs his arm. Q 3. However, German Shepherds do have the potential to behave aggressively if they feel threatened, so proper training and socialization are necessary to develop this trust so that a German Shepherd does not mistake its owner’s innocent behavior as threatening. There's a video somewhere on YouTube of a guy who comes into a store of some kind. When your German shepherd dog barks, the intruder should look at the dog and then flee while you hold and praise your dog. It will find, identify and decide if they are ill-intentioned and it will protect you and its territory. Yes, any dog can attack its owner family. However - this will almost certainly be a reason of poor upkeep and training of our pups. Family Comes Home to Bloody House After Pet German Shepherd Attacks Intruder. Everything changes if the intruder becomes aggressive towards you. He approaches the counter, and then suddenly draws a gun. If your German Shepherd has not been trained to protect you then it is difficult to tell whether or not it would do it. How do I train my German shepherd to be a guard dog? black eyes, nose, blaze and dark brown muzzle pattern item is listed as used but in good clean "new" condition. 13. While they can be gentle with their family, when an “intruder” (animal or human) comes into the home, German Shepherds become aggressive, and may even attack. “Bad guys” would much rather take on an empty home than one with a barking German Shepherd. Will a German Shepherd Attack an Intruder? The first goal of a trained dog is to provide a deterrent. A German Shepherd who knew me pretty well, once snapped at me. She’s trained. ANSWER: Aggressive behavior and unexpected attacks will not be a problem. With incredible power and strength a Great Dane is more than capable of taking down any intruder at will. In most cases, it has been found that German Shepherds will act as a deterrent by barking and looking aggressive but they do not actually do anything physically. The training a German shepherd receives is largely responsible for its behavior. Note: He … or show any aggression towards them? Meet Brinks, one of four German Shepherds owned by Bonnie and Kirk of Tulsa, Oklahoma. After you've got a dog to protect your property, you can add a dog sticker, indicating that your house is under the protection of a dog, which can deter at least some of the burglars and thieves. Sadly, some German shepherds are the victims of abusive owners who keep them as attack dogs, train them poorly and encourage dogs to bite any intruders. It's so fast it's almost hilarious. Can a German Shepherd kill an intruder? The burglar probably won't even know you have one until it's too late for him. 10 years ago.

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