For example, it's not unusual or difficult to configure your employees' note-taking apps to automatically drive input to task-tracking apps. Task management is a nice feature to have around, but Egnyte’s other integrations are where the service shines. Best Cloud Storage Provider 2020. But trying to find the perfect cloud backup solution or cloud providers for a Malaysia-based operation is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward think it’s going to be, at least not at first. and save and store them to an online server. Mobile phones, or especially prepared USB fobs, are typically the default option as the secondary authentication source. They come in two categories. Dropbox Business is expensive, but its price tag is justified. Our search for the best cloud backup and online storage solutions began by searching business and review websites for top providers. We test the speed of every service we review, noting upload and download times. In addition to the ability to define job roles and assign access based on that, multiple nested groups can be established. Competition in cloud storage services for business is pivoting towards value-added features including no additional charges for egress, and application programming interface (API) requests will be an attractive perk given similar storage costs and capacities. The primary candidates are the typical: Microsoft Windows, Linux, and a variety of Android flavors as well as iOS and OS X. Security also bleeds into privacy. 1. But other forms of tokens exist, including smart cards and biometrics. MEGA offers a scalable platform with unlimited storage and transfer for around $12 per user per month (the price is in euros, so the cost is based on the conversion rate at the time of writing. Here are 10 cloud storage providers small and medium-size businesses may want to consider. However, it does offer a single business subscription, and for the price, it’s tough to beat. Sharing data functionality should involve a sync client or desktop-based software that resides in each PC or client and ensures that data in the cloud is synced with local replicas. Great desktop and mobile app integration. Pricing tiers may alienate smaller businesses. When it comes to raw functionality, it’s tough to beat Box. Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. This ensures sensitive company information remains safe and that files and folders are deleted the next time a computer or mobile device goes online. Businesses can restore file versions dating back a year. Cloud storage solutions aren’t some form of divine blessing, though. Designed to move, host, and manage large volumes of data to the cloud to productivity-focused suites like Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Editors' Choice winner Egnyte Business, these tools offer a tempting value proposition for businesses seeking a wider range of functionality with less focus on massive storage capacities. The Best Business Cloud Storage and File Sharing Providers for 2020 Scalable cloud storage solves a lot of problems for businesses of all sizes. Most IT professionals simply don't have the budget to research, deploy, and manage the advanced security capabilities that cloud service vendors can provide because it's key to their primary business. For businesses, the reason why is simple: faster uploads and faster downloads means your employees have access to the files they need, well, faster. Cloud storage and providers of cloud-based solutions are reshaping businesses big and small alike. Striking a balance between usability, security, and customization ultimately needs to be driven by business requirements. Here are some of the benefits: Enables remote work. How Safe Is Cloud Storage? Degoo is compatible with OS like Windows and iOS. With fine-tuned permissions and access logs, you can usually track down a problem with a cloud storage solution (at least, you can with our above picks). That’s because pricing, in nearly all cases, scales with the size of your business. If you were researching cloud storage and don’t know where to start, we’ve tested several companies and hand-picked the top three cloud storage providers in the market today. Your subscription has been confirmed. Livedrive for Business is a UK- and EU-focused cloud storage and file sharing solution with intuitive web, desktop, and mobile clients. Upload times are more important, though. When it comes to security, Egnyte has a few unique options. text files, video and audio files, pictures, etc.) Its intelligent search and OCR functionality help users organize and search vast stores of data. Multiple terabytes (TB) are commonplace and no longer a big differentiator between services, especially now that adding storage capacity is easy and cheap. Dropbox. While there isn't a perfect solution yet, situations where the last user always wins may go away in the near future. Simply put, Dropbox is a usability benchmark for other cloud storage services. Furthermore, you can create and edit documents with these tools directly in the Box interface. However, employees and data centers are often weak links in a company's online data security. Anything that can differentiate a service's offerings and improve the customer experience while lowering monthly fees will catch business user's attention, provided their basic needs for space and performance are met. Egnyte Connect uses a familiar cloud storage interface. Finally, integrations and APIs make the difference when it comes to the day-to-day operations of the cloud storage service you choose. We also have a cloud storage CPU comparison that shows which services use the most computer resources. External users are only given read-only privileges. For businesses, cloud storage is sometimes referred to as enterprise file sync and share (EFSS). However, the price is on the high end of things, but that’s balanced out by how much space Box offers.’s Vault feature is ideal for long-term storage. In addition to having something you know, it's better to pair it with something you have., for example, includes a remote wipe feature, allowing administrators to remotely delete data off of a user’s device. Cloud storage companies usually default to their web clients, which can be accessed on any desktop or mobile browser. Unfortunately, you usually have to do the dirty work of looking into security, rather than rely on brand recognition alone. Scalable cloud storage solves a lot of problems for businesses of all sizes. Many of them, actually. User count: 3-9, Price per user (billed annually), Security is the focus on Tresorit, though, and it loses sight of some other important areas, namely price. But the main safety issue with cloud storage is privacy. That's an important point to consider: Are you signing a service-level agreement (SLA) with a cloud provider that's directly responsible for the infrastructure or is the provider beholden to another party? Cloud storage means storing data in a remote location that is accessible from any device. Compared to services like Tresorit — which we’ll get to in a minute — is cheap. Seamless backup controls and functionality. Must use desktop application for offline access. Price is a major factor when choosing a cloud storage for your business. The best cloud storage providers give you ample room to store your data and easy ways to share it, all at a reasonable price point. Not only do different businesses have varying cloud storage and file-sharing requirements they demand solid security for file backups and sharing. It’s not the fastest service, and there are a few minor usability flaws, but that’s all easy to overlook considering the value and security that offers. Some products offer these features out of the box while others use third-party offerings to close this gap, such as Microsoft Windows Intune ($6.00 at Microsoft Azure) . The challenge for CIOs and IT managers is that they now have a wider range of solutions to pick and choose from, which will require deeper investigation in order to determine what mix of solutions best fit their business needs, not just in the present but also in the future. Jungle Disk excels in offering security and encryption-focused business cloud storage, file sharing, and automatic backup solutions. The latest products we tested have added improved collaboration features as well as the ability to work with different file types. Sometimes that means a more expensive service is a better option (such is the case with Tresorit). Furthermore, Egnyte does all this at a reasonable price, though we wish the service offered more storage space. Being able to grab a quick document for a meeting or push a business-critical document from a remote computer can be a lifesaver for an ever-increasing distributed workforce—a lifesaver that users expect to be available to them. Best cloud storage services: From Google Drive to Dropbox, the top options for business. This is the main feature that sets business cloud storage apart from personal storage. The following list contains cloud storage providers we deem offer the best service. Tresorit is expensive, with the cheapest plan clocking in around $15 per user per month, and that’s with only 1TB of storage per user. The purpose is to have your files anywhere you want, no matter what device you’re on. Although lacking in native productivity tools like OneDrive for Business offers, Box comes with a long list of third-party integrations. 1TB of online storage. 3+ users, Price per user (billed annually), Lacks two-factor authentication and HIPAA compliance. In this post, we compiled a list of top 10 best cloud storage services for business and personal use. In some cases, an authorized device is not always available. Brings G Suite's ease of collaboration and smarts to Microsoft Office products. Keep an eye on your inbox! That isn’t to say that cloud storage solutions are inherently insecure, just that choosing a secure one is a little more involved. 1 user, Total Storage: 5TB, Most services offer some form of remote user control, too, allowing you to quickly revoke access or change permissions. Planning is the key. As long as your business is relatively small and doesn’t need a lot of storage space, you can get by with free cloud storage. Collaboration- and security-focused business cloud storage and file-sharing platform. That isn’t to say that those services offer the best free cloud storage for small businesses. Let us know if you liked the post. That said, is an attractive, secure alternative, and unlike Tresorit, Sync isn’t very expensive.’s personal service is a favorite here at, and the business version is no different. Thankfully, MEGA has a few productivity tools built right into the app. For instance, Microsoft OneDrive for Business syncs with the Team sites that are part of the popular Microsoft SharePoint ($5.00 Per User Per Month at Microsoft365 for Business) collaboration platform, while Box (for Business) offers a fully functional web client with drag-and-drop support. Offers unprecedented control over data with easy migration and host of privacy and compliance tools. Which cloud computing providers are the most secure? Some providers have their own data centers while others actually outsource their storage to another third-party cloud, often Amazon Web Services ($6,415.00 at Amazon) (AWS) or a similar Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) player. That’s not to say that Dropbox is inherently insecure, just that it sacrifices some security for convenience. Dropbox is one of the best, free cloud storage providers. Personal mobile devices, especially when used in Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) scenarios, add new challenges to controlling the flow of sensitive documents and information. Versatile cloud and hybrid on-premises cloud storage solution options. While many the most popular cloud storage solutions, such as Dropbox Business and Box (for Business), offer a rich set of integration options. These plans are for personal use, though. Considering all of the features and benefits for a businesses' current and future needs will make determining the best business cloud storage and file-sharing solution easier. It is a simple, reliable cloud storage … Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Granular sharing and permissions options for employees and clients. Space is often at a premium, and the ability to prepare for a meeting or analyze a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on the go is a necessity. Some others, such as Jungle Disk, opt to primarily focus on the storage aspect. As the Dropbox data breach showed, even the largest companies aren’t above an attack. Choosing a cloud storage product for your organization can seem like a daunting task when you first consider all of the variables involved. Easy storage access which provides flexible access across networks and platforms for traditional applications, web applications, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and mobile devices Price per user, Finding a suitable storage solution is tricky, though, so we decided to round up the six best services that offer cloud storage for business. When evaluating pricing, we’re taking everything into account, including storage space. Mobile compatibility has gained a place in the ecosystem of business. This is paramount to meeting corporate obligations, especially in the more heavily regulated or security-conscious verticals. Key considerations for any business cloud storage solution is that it needs to be accessible, traceable, and secure. 1TB + 10GB per employee. Some, including Egnyte and Box, include integrations with third-party services like Slack and Trello, making them much more than simply a storage solution. Single Sign-On (SSO) solves some of this by having one secure password, such as the one used for a Windows Azure Active Directory ($0.50 at Microsoft Azure) or Google account. In fact, there isn’t a service we’re aware of that offers free storage specifically for businesses. There are add-ons, which allow you to access other third-party services in the Egnyte web client, as well as external integrations, which sync outside of the application. In addition to listing our six top picks, we will also share some information in this article about what you should look for in a storage provider, no matter if it’s small business cloud storage or a solution targeted toward enterprise applications. pCloud is best known for its extensive security features. If you want to see how Dropbox compares to a more secure service, check out our Dropbox vs Tresorit comparison. Anything beyond that is in the realm of proper business cloud storage, which will cost you money. We have come to the conclusion of our discussion on the Best Business Cloud Storage and File Sharing Providers for 2020. We pulled a few providers from our best cloud storage guide, but unfortunately you can’t just take a good personal cloud storage … You can learn more in our Dropbox Business review or sign up now for a free 30-day trial. Then, look at the levels of service it offers. While all of the major offerings have some level of uptime guarantee, it is worth noting that location is an important factor. This capability lets businesses create custom workflows and business processes, often without having to hire contract programmers. Online Storage or Online Backup: What's The Difference? What was once considered "advanced" data safety features, such as enterprise-grade identity management, redundant storage layers, and encryption both at rest and in transit, are no longer optional. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. If you want to restore your full account from, say, a ransomware attack, you can do so by using the account rewind feature (both pCloud and also have that). Finding the right cloud storage for your small team and business is difficult. Artificial intelligence-enabled organization and search tools. Ranking at the top of our best zero-knowledge cloud storage guide, is one of the safest cloud storage providers on the market, utilizing client-side encryption and maintaining a strict stance on user privacy. The Advanced plan is much more impressive. The more control administrators have over what users can access, the better. For any platform to be effective in today's business landscape, web access is a must. Cloud storage can provide some security benefits over local storage, including version control, which allows you to revert to a previous version of a file. Data Storage Options . Data centers are often more attractive targets for breaches than small businesses, so you could be exposing yourself to more risk by simply using cloud services. Sign up for What's New Now to get our top stories delivered to your inbox every morning. Capabilities such as remote wipe or digital rights management can go a long way in limiting how far information can spread outside of the organization, especially when these devices are lost or compromised. Ubiquitous professional cloud storage available in most platforms. Employees are, unfortunately, often a great risk to businesses, too, and cloud sharing and syncing can sometimes further that risk. You can learn more about pricing and more in our Egnyte review. We take a look at some of the best picks for your business. Even Microsoft rival Google has built Google Drive Enterprise to incorporate smooth collaboration functionality for Microsoft Office 365. Still, if security is what you’re after, MEGA provides. Their right to do so depends on the country in which they are based. User count : 100+. You can learn more in our full Tresorit review or see how you like it with a 14-day free trial. So sit down with business leads, IT managers, and even a representative from the cloud provider under consideration. Most cloud storage tools let you upload photos. There are outstanding examples of desktop cloud backup clients. Here we list some of the best cloud storage providers for business. Livedrive for Business is a unique offering in the sense that it's built around the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and has its servers located in the UK and EU. If it weren’t for the limitations imposed by Tresorit’s security, it’d easily be at the top of this list. ... Top 5 Cloud Storage Providers. He can be reached at, Gadjo C. Sevilla is Analyst, Business for PCMag. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant. Enterprise subscribers can enable Egnyte “key management” and manage their own encryption keys. Almost as important as keeping information safe is making information accessible across the diverse landscape of devices that users bring to the mix. Services like OneLogin offer SSO and multi-factor authentication for businesses, allowing your employees to immediately log in to Box Business, Gmail or just about any other application. MEGA earns the last spot in this guide on the back of its security and pricing. This is great for a rogue update, of course, but also for any data you might lose to a cybercrime-related incident. It offers a solid range of tier options for businesses of all sizes as well. Cloud storage and online backup (or cloud backup, if that’s the term you prefer) are often confused. A good backup solution is part of the 3-2-1 rule, serving as another point of backup in addition to local backup. We like Tresorit because it makes a highly complex security structure accessible. This especially applies to road warriors who frequently work in planes, cars, and subways. If you want a quick answer, Egnyte Connect is our number-one pick, but the other five business cloud storage solutions are also solid choices. Controlling permissions varies from product to product. The Best Business Cloud Storage and File Sharing Providers for 2020. Businesses shopping for cloud storage solutions will have varying needs and they might gravitate towards solutions that are already compatible with their office systems of choice (i.e., Google shops will choose Google Drive while Microsoft Office 365 outfits will select OneDrive). Tresorit is one of the few cloud storage services with a usable desktop application. However, it stands out with world-class UI design and sharing features, making up for its high cost. Smart AI-powered search and organisational feature. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Read on for more, 10 - 100 users, price per user; Now that we’ve discussed our six picks for the best business cloud storage, we wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain as to how we made our decisions. Sharing data can also have other points of access. Simply put, a cloud storage provider allows you to easily sync your files across devices and share them with other workers. By creating central points of collaboration that don't originate from any one user, it becomes easier to grant and revoke access as well as pass on ownership when an individual leaves the organization or changes divisions. But understanding exactly what those requirements are is a serious task that will require real work; it's not something you want to come to with a snap decision. Storage per user, Cloud storage services are dime a dozen and most of them offer a tremendous amount of convenience and security for a low price. It has in-depth folder encryption and high-level password protection. Seventy percent of people around the world work remotely at least once a week. Beyond signing up for a service, businesses and their managers need to know whose cloud they're keeping their data on and where. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage aims to match the functionality and storage performance of Amazon S3, but at a much lower cost with no ingress and egress charges and with quicker upload and download times. Price per user, As most business owners know, though, employees are often the largest security threat. is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Using cloud storage these days has moved beyond personal use and has become one of those personal technologies adapted for business purposes. The advantages of secure online storage mean that cloud storage providers are equally attractive for both private users and companies. Thankfully, the security and privacy aspects bleed into the background with Tresorit’s easy-to-use web application and surprisingly robust desktop version. The service includes secure file storage and copious options for workflow, data controls, and compliance. A 2020 Guide to 2FA, 1 to 10 users, price per user; The big three — those being OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive — work well for this purpose. MEGA is best known for its very generous free plan, but it’s only for personal use. Moreover, cloud storage can provide some security benefits over local storage (it has some downsides in security, too, which we’ll get to next). Cloud storage for small business is vital for productivity and file security. Although lacking in integrations, Tresorit still comes with link-sharing features like an expiration date, as well as file requests, which allows people outside your network to upload files directly. You can follow him on Twitter @gadjosevilla, connect with him on LinkedIn, or email him at, See Cloud File Storage for Business deals, iDrive Small Business: 5TB of Cloud Backup, For example, Dropbox Business recently added some, How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad, How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill, How to Find Free Tools to Optimize Your Small Business, How to Get Started With Project Management, Read Microsoft OneDrive for Business Review, ($5.00 Per User Per Month at Microsoft365 for Business), (12.50 Per User Per Month at Microsoft365 for Business), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, How Four Collaboration Tools Have Pivoted During the Pandemic, Spotify Unwrapped: How to See What You Listened to Most in 2020, Google Maps Community Feed Highlights What's New in Your City, How to Switch Between Games With Quick Resume on Xbox Series X, Series S, The Best Hosted Endpoint Protection and Security Software for 2020, The Best Network Monitoring Software for 2020, The Best Video Conferencing Software for 2020, The Best Cloud Backup Services for Business, The Best Employee Monitoring Software for 2020, The Best Marketing Automation Software for 2020, The Best Email Marketing Software for 2020, The Best Employment Background Check Services for 2020. Gadjo has covered various aspects of technology including smartphones, laptops, business solutions, and app ecosystems. An oft-overlooked security capability, however, is ensuring that information is auditable. That's bolstered security in the cloud significantly over the past couple of years, which has had the pleasant side effect of letting many cloud services successfully comply with standards such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and ISO 27001. It covers the basic needs of small businesses but lacks deeper collaboration, productivity, and integration features. Read on for more, Total Storage: 3TB, AWS has expanded well beyond cloud compute and storage. Our number-two service in this guide, Box, offers a free plan for personal use, as does and Dropbox. One of the advantages of having information in the cloud is that it can be part of a larger ecosystem of connected apps. We've looked at the top business cloud storage providers to make sure your team is fit for remote work and collaboration. Each user can get 1TB of space for only $5 each per month. That includes Office 365, mirroring the tools offered with OneDrive, as well as Google Docs. However, when it comes to security, there are better options, though Box is still decent. The latest products we tested have added improved collaboration features as well as the ability to work with different file types. What is Cloud Storage and why one needs it? Additionally, comes with excellent versioning features, which earned it the first-place spot in our best cloud storage for versioning guide. PCMag Digital Group. Read on for more, 50+ users, Suitable for unstructured data, public cloud storage is offered by third-party cloud storage providers over the open Internet. Offers a variety of tiers, including a 12-month free usage tier for new users of its S3 (Simple Storage Service) up to 5GB, and EBS (Elastic Block Storage) up to 30 GB. For security, this comes down to encryption (read our description of encryption). Losing mission-critical files due to mistakes or misconduct can often cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in reparations or lost capital. Client-side is preferred, meaning that your data is encrypted before ever leaving your computer (server-side happens once your data has been transferred to the cloud storage service). To make matters worse, some services offer multiple tiers at different pricing, with different amounts of storage space depending on how much you pay. According to, at least 50 percent of the US workforce is set up for remote work. It has Outlook integration, too, though unfortunately skips past any other integrations. Additionally, if one of the six storage solutions doesn’t work for you, you’ll know what to look for with other services. Editors' note: Livedrive for Business is owned by J2 Global, the parent company of PCMag's publisher, Ziff Davis. This sort of granular control would have required a fair amount of preparation by systems administrators a few years ago, but is now a feature more business expect to find in their cloud service solutions of choice. That’s the only way we can improve. They may be available for free or on a paid basis. As far as integrations go, Dropbox has just about everything, including Asana, Salesforce and Zoom. This means that opportunities are ripe for cloud storage services to facilitate remote backups, collaboration, document version control, and secure storage. Overall, we like Egnyte and Box the most simply based on their functionality. You can learn more in our Business review or sign up for an account with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can learn more about the service overall in our MEGA review or sign up for a business account to give it a shot yourself. Yes, there really are no-strings-attached, free online storage services out there. Box offers support for apps like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams and Trello, too. Server locations work into speed. Storage space is now more affordable than ever with prices going down each year. This can be daunting especially since many solutions rely on value-added resellers (VARs) or integrators to productize their cloud storage solutions. But for business use you won't go far without file sharing, a great app and speedy uploads. Box makes it simple to get around your account with the web application. Additionally, there’s in-transit encryption, which adds another layer of protection to your data as it’s traveling across the internet. Seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams. 1. pCloud. These online servers can either be public or private, but many cloud storage providers use public cloud storage to host users’ data files. You can watch the advertisements to receive more storage. That name certainly says more about what cloud storage does for businesses. Thankfully, most of our picks have features to combat employee risk. Which is the best free cloud storage service in 2020? A challenger to Amazon S3 but promising lower cost, faster performance, and no hidden charges. *Deals are selected by our partner, TechBargains. Several solutions go above and beyond the call of duty and incorporate tight integration with popular office products such as Microsoft Office 365 (12.50 Per User Per Month at Microsoft365 for Business) . For startups and SMBs looking to create new or upgraded cloud storage and file-sharing solutions, they have the option of choosing a cloud storage provider and then adding on various integrations and products or, conversely, building a cloud storage solution strategy based on the products that they already use. This is helpful in the event of a cybercrime or ransomware attack. It’s not as well-rounded as a service like Box, but if you don’t need many integrations, MEGA is a great option. We will provide more information later in the article about how we picked these cloud storage providers, but for now let’s start by counting down the six best cloud storage options for businesses. Renting additional storage space for files and documents of all kinds saves your hard drive space, and ensures that your work or home PC, or smartphone, have enough space for the operating system and installed programs. The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. Locking data away doesn't end with just passwords, either. Overall, Dropbox Business serves as a more costly alternative to Egnyte and Box, fit with a long list of integrations. However, Tresorit has few integrations, while G Suite offers a long list of productivity tools out of the box. A flexible pricing scheme where subscribers only pay for the accounts and storage they use will appeal to startups and SMBs. Google Drive Enterprise can now bring seamless collaboration and interoperability to Microsoft Office suite of products. Pervasive trial period expiration reminders. Tresorit is all about keeping your files safe, dealing exclusively with client-side encryption and a zero-knowledge security model. Business cloud storage solutions today run the gamut from basic tiers or buckets of mass storage that can be managed or merged with other solutions to functionality-focused platforms that integrate cloud storage and sharing functionality with office and productivity solutions. Time Machine vs Arq vs Duplicati vs Cloudberry Backup. The external integrations are equally as impressive, including AWS SSO, Gmail, Salesforce and SAP. Online backup, on the other hand, refers to long-term storage, where you might offload business data to the cloud that you don’t need to access regularly. The centralized file storage functionality and rock-solid reliability earn this solution our Editors' Choice designation. Required fields are marked *. Box (for Business) has come a long way on the business front. Top Cloud Storage Security Features for 2019. Simply put, more access to company data means higher risk, no matter how many safeguards are in place. Not too many reasons to get Google Drive Enterprise over the more comprehensive G-Suite solutions. On top of integrations, features like SSO are important, too. Two-factor or even multifactor authentication (MFA) is becoming a more commonplace option and cloud storage companies are getting onboard. But it can also have other points of access. What it doesn’t provide is third-party integrations, which isn’t possible due to the security model. Other products opt for a more simplified approach. Those apps might, in turn, drive a need to store reference material. Most providers offer pricing that ranges from $5 to $12 per employee per month. Dropbox Business now adds the ability to remote-wipe Dropbox folders from a team member's lost or stolen device. Storage per user, Keeping data safe is a bigger challenge today than it's ever been. It uses top-notch AES-256 encryption for your data, but encryption happens server-side, and Box manages your encryption key by default. Having a cloud storage solution that can provide these capabilities to users via a software client optimized for their particular operating system (OS), be it Android, iOS, even Windows Phone, is a feature you should look for in a competitive service offering. MEGA’s account page shows you everything you need to know at a glance, Your email address will not be published. Unlike most competing services, it has a single-user business subscription available, offering 3TB of storage and Dropbox’s powerful business features — such as remote account wipe — for around $20 per month. How to Access the Deep Web and the Dark Net, How to Securely Store Passwords in the Cloud, MP4 Repair: How to Fix Corrupted Video Files in 2019, How to Pick the Best Cloud Storage for Small Business, best free cloud storage for small businesses, The Best 2FA Apps 2020: Locking Down Your Online Accounts, What Is Two-Factor Authentication? Livedrive for Business has a super-proactive desktop client that initiates backups of the client's PC as soon as it is installed and it's very intuitive to use. Price per user, Compared to our number-one pick, Egnyte, Box stands out with unlimited storage. Shared data can be stored in folders originated by individuals or in team folders that are created by team leads or administrators (and are accessible to anyone on the team). And which ones offer best value for money? Daniel Brame, MCSD, is a Solutions Consultant and freelance product reviewer for For most users, Egnyte is the best option, offering a range of integrations at a reasonable price point. Not only are they are literally dozens and dozens of different options available to pick and choose from in the cloud storage … We have researched more than 40 of the best cloud storage providers to provide you with our curated list, ranking on aspects such as capacity, price, file size, security and ease of use. That means no user management, no access logs and no third-party integrations. Users are usually required to pay for only what they use. Public Cloud Storage. Governments can legally request information stored in a cloud, and it is up to the cloud service to deny access. Artificial intelligence makes accessing recently edited and most important files, folders, and projects quicker and more intuitive. Intuitive and innovative web and desktop clients. The “how” of encryption is important, but also the “when.”. Citrix Content Collaboration is a venerable, business-focused cloud storage solution that has been carefully turned into a burgeoning collaboration platform with a focus on security. While nearly all have premium offerings that provide more space, the free options are usually more … Missing text optical character recognition (OCR) for mobile scanning. Powerful search and proactive workflow features. Your files will be safe, secure and can be accessed from anywhere. Some amount of data collection is necessary — such as the email addresses of your users — but there’s a limit. You probably already have an account, and it’s easy to teach your employees the ropes (assuming they don’t know them already). We'd recommend Egnyte Connect for its many integrations, private key-management and decent pricing, but Box Business and Business are also strong options. If it's a third party, make sure to investigate that firm and examine its track record. Gadjo’s work has appeared globally in various print and online publications including MacWorld Canada, PCWorld Canada,,, The Calgary Herald, The Toronto Star, and Metro News. In fact, security is the main reason pCloud manages to stay in the elite group of cloud storage providers. It should go without saying, but speed is important when choosing a cloud storage service. Cloud storage works by allowing users to upload data files (e.g. In short, if there’s a platform that your business is currently using, there’s a good chance Box has an integration for it (you can find the full list here). The closer the data center, the faster you’ll be able to upload your files. Storage per user, Zoolz BigMind for Business offers a versatile range of tools and options for online cloud storage and file sharing. All of these six services offer some form of version control, where you can easily revert to a previous version of a file if you need to. While some of them provide ample storage, others provide value-added features for a higher price. For small to midsize businesses (SMBs), cloud storage solutions are ideal for covering the needs of remote workers, distributed office locations as well as maintaining secure offsite backups of important files. And if you’re not already storing data online, the time is now — over the past 20 years, data has increasingly moved out of your hard drive and into the cloud. Many SMBs now expect a deeper focus on security from the providers they use. Google Drive is one of the most-used cloud storage providers out there and is well-known for its free storage capacity (up to 15 GB, making it the largest free cloud storage), that enables you to store, edit and share various kinds of data, including text documents, photos, audio, video etc. Many of these people work for small businesses. More than that, though, it offers a lot of storage space. A Comprehensive List of the Best Free Cloud Storage Providers with Comparison: Know which are the best paid and free online storage companies for personal and business use in 2020. Some version of team folders should be considered a necessary component of any business-grade cloud storage app. Improved user interface and user administration features. You might notice that some business cloud services, such as Amazon S3, charge monthly for GB used, while others, like Dropbox Business, charge per user for a specific amount of storage. So, before buying, consider exactly how you want these solutions to fit into your business and what it will take to make that happen. There are downsides, particularly when it comes to security. Here's an enterprise solution that could make sense for small business users. When it comes to cloud services and software-as-a-service (SaaS), we're all familiar with the usual cloud providers. There are a lot of options when choosing a cloud storage company for your business, and as long as you stick with our six recommendations above, you’ll be using the best of the best. In case you're wondering, some of the top benefits you should find available in a business-class cloud storage solution were surveyed by market research firm Statista in 2019 and reported below. Standard is expensive at $15 per user per month, and it only comes with a shared 5TB of storage. Free trial users will see a persistent "upgrade today" banner. Dropbox Business improves on an excellent cloud file storage solution for small to midsize businesses. Your files are encrypted server-side, with a SSL/TLS layer protecting them in transit. Private Cloud Storage. Although the fundamentals are the same between the two, business cloud storage usually comes with an expanded feature set, including user management and third-party app integrations. The right cloud storage provider can serve as a hub for all of your business operations. This means there are now basic requirements for you to even consider spending money on a service. Either way, from a small business perspective, this is an important feature since password management is often given low priority when compared to getting business done. It's a daunting task for a user to keep up with the litany of passwords required across all apps without reducing security in some way. That cost buys you a lot, though, including Tresorit’s unlimited versioning capabilities and granular user control. The 6 Best Cloud Storage for Business Options. PCMag, and PC Magazine are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. Business offers a little bit of everything, and that’s why we love it. For user management, it’s all about options. It is now easier to mix and match cloud storage solutions with existing productivity and document management systems. Many cloud storage and backup providers offer a free plan with limited storage capacity. Cloud storage is no longer a myth or story but a reality that is engaged by millions of business owners of every kind and sizes. Best Cloud Storage Providers. And is your data distributed among them for better reliability or does that come at an additional cost?

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