The Business Solution Free Keynote Template is going to help you present your ideas and goals to your audience. If you are making a presentation for a startup or a fresh new brand that focuses on young customers, free keynote templates like this will be a good choice. You may also like: Target Keynote Template. Required fields are marked *. A simple clean minimal design is followed in all the slides, so the audience can easily see and interact with the contents on the slide. Education Keynote Themes - collection of templates will give you the ability to cheaply and quickly to create a presentation. The Professional Keynote Template contains many different slides that are each uniquely designed to have a modern twist but still keep the traditional sophistication a presentation should have. The contemporary style of this template lets you explain your content elegantly to your audience. Howard is a multipurpose corporate keynote template. The Jupiter Free Keynote Template is an entertaining and creative set of layouts that will help you keep your audience during the whole presentatoin. If you run a business dealing with social media and are looking for a template that will make your presentation stylish yet informational, search no more! Go ahead and jugde why this is one of the Best Free Keynote Templates. This template also uses minimal theme just like the Monochromatic template mentioned above, but this template uses different colors in its design. Internet lectures is a PowerPoint presentation template designed specifically for … As teachers have to deal with lots of presentations nowadays, free keynote templates for teachers like this will make the learning experience engaging for the students. Click the link now and get this simple and effortless yet modern template now! If you are looking for a modern template for your fashion event presentation, then this template for you. With the simple design, you can concentrate more on your contents and also can present it elegantly to the users. In all the slider you have footer section, which you can use to improve your brand visibility in your presentation. Just click the link and creating presentations will be ten times easier. Designing a slide is the most difficult part of the presentation. It includes the high-end features you won’t easily find in free PowerPoint templates for teachers. The creative Keynote template saves your time by providing those interactive shapes as editable elements to you. Ranging from data, slides, creativity, etc. Moreover, this template includes beautiful fonts, colorful theme, icons and layouts. Pattern is a clean Keynote template, which can be used for both professional and casual purposes. With this package, you get all types of interactive elements to present your stats and data elegantly to the users. → Discover Presentation Templates How to Enter Research and select TWO of your favorite presentation templates suitable for school, college, and education presentations You may include ONE template you created … These diagrams will help you present your information such as dates and concepts in a new and didactic way. Using this tool you can customize and create the templates online and can download them as images and add to your slides. It not only makes your slide unique but also helps the user to clearly focus on the important contents. Apart from free PowerPoint templates, we’re glad to offer you our KeyNote Templates as well. This free keynote template will help you give a proper insight with an impressive design. They are ready for you as soon as you click the link and get the Business Solution V2 template. If you have more demand, then you can opt for the premium version of this template. Montana Minimal Free Presetation Template has an extremely easy-to-use setup which means that you can make it your without struggling and in no time. The designer has also included few elements in this template to make your presentation engaging to the users. Education, Free Keynote Templates. In this section, we decided to offer you the best premium Keynote templates for business. There are no limits concerning edition. There are so many different features available to you with this free template that your pitch deck is bound to be a success. Lesson. The minimal design of this template helps you to highlight the contents easily. This free keynote template explicitly made for anyone with an apple device needing to make a presentation that will be impressive. The Business Proposal Keynote Template provides you a variety of background colors to fit the user’s need. Such as interchangeable pictures, customisable color schemes, and many various charts and graphs. Finding a good template that actually gives you everything you need and is efficient is hard to find nowadays. Your email address will not be published. Shape Shift is full of geometric shape rich keynote template. In this template, the creator has used lots of white space on which the images and texts look attractive. A tile-style design is used in this template, which lets you add all related contents in one place. And the best part is all graphic elements in this keynote template are easy to edit and resize. Get it now and wow your audience by showing them presentations CAN be interesting! In order to help you present all your stats neatly and interactively to the users, this template provides you a number of editable vectors. The icons used in the template matches the overall design of the template. The designer of this template has given you all basic elements to present the content engagingly to the audience. Freepiker Portfolio Keynote Template . Creative Keynote, as the name implies it is a creative style template. Since it is a freemium template, you get a pixel perfect design with a restricted amount of elements. If you want all 125+ unique slides, then you have to opt for the premium version. Lots of text space is given in all the slides to let you explain your presentation in detail to the users. Find the best free keynote templates for your needs and create impressive presentations. Raymond is a perfect fit for both professional use and education use. Go ahead and judge why this is one of the Best Free Keynote Templates. The next building block is a good organization of your slides. With this template, you get five unique pre-made slides, with full customization options. The vectors given in this package almost covers all the elements you would normally require. There are a bunch of unique, creative yet sophisticated layouts that will help you present your team, product, the services of your company. It organizes your data to look creative and unique with minimal effort! With more than 31 unique slide layouts you get more options to create a presentation in no time. But this template follows completely a different design. From $4. More than 100 slides are included in this template and all of it follows the same clean minimal design. Wandsworth Free Business Presentation, 11. Black and Yellow is a creative template for business presentation purpose, especially startups can use this template to explain their services and product. Use its 3,500 vectors with the option to drag and drop on the slides of your choice. Art of student is a modern looking creative keynote template. All created by our Global Community of independent Web Designers and Developers. The free Minimal Keynote Template is perfect for creating a simple, short keynote presentation that will get straight to the point and not bore your audience. With the simple clean design, this template gives equal importance to both image and texts so that you can explain the contents more interactively to the users. Free Download, Free Support 24/7! Texts are made bigger and bold so that audience at the longer distance can also clearly see your texts and read it. This template is a combined mixture of photography and vector design. 73 templates. Athens Free Presentation Template offers you 23 slides that you can use to present your pitch deck, marketing ideas, and more in no time. The slides in this template package have designs for both casual as well as business presentations. Instantly Download Free Education Presentation Template, Sample & Example in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT), Apple Keynote Format. The Air Minimal Keynote Template is perfect for anyone who is on a really short deadline and has to put together a presentation quickly. If you want to make your job easy, you can opt for the premium version. With a fantastic variety of unique slides with different features, this, one of the Best Free Keynote Template, is perfect for anyone looking to create a simple yet creative presentation in short amount of time. But, let’s face it, when it comes to the default templates included, your options are limited. Making an impressive pitch deck is a crucial one to convince your investors. Like most other free keynote templates in this list, only a handful of ready-made slides are there. But the default layout of the slides is flexible enough to match any business needs. Education Free Keynote Presentation Template 2020. Luckily for you, this template is not only free but contains many different diagrams that can help you present any data to a teacher, professor, classmates,  business investor, or even just your co-workers in a creatively exciting way. Giving a clear cut idea to your team will help you and your employees to stay on the same page. Ample amount of space is given between each element so that the audience can easily read the contents on your slide. Simple minimal, as the name implies it is a minimal template. The fonts used are also bold and casual that fits the children taste. Texts are professional and easy to read so you need to worry about readability issues with this template. To match the event theme of this template, more casual and handwritten fonts are used, which gives a more natural look to the template. They all come with a unique design that will leave your audience under the most pleasant impression. The creator has made the image holders easy-to-edit so that you can change the background images with just a few clicks. All the slides are colorful and professional that will give presence to your exposition. It comes with 32 slides and was designed in widescreen format. Altezza is the best creative keynote template for architects and interior decorators. The default design of this template makes it a perfect option for product presentation. The user has full control of all the visual design elements found in each template. Since this template is designed based on social media theme, you get plenty of chat bubbles and interaction like elements. You can sum up the best educational presentations in two words: informative and inspiring. This template uses usual 4:3 layout size slides, so you can use it for any general purpose. The Company Profile template is perfect for any Apple device like a Mac and contains features that are trendy and perfect for presenting any type of data to an audience. Another advantage of this template is it comes in two version, light and dark. If you have a presentation due soon and have no idea where to start, worry not! The creator has used the wide footprint of the slide smartly to add all related images and texts in one place. On this model, you can easily customize its background colors with its over-a dozen color possibilities. On the clean white background, the images and the texts look amazing and are also legible. If you’re creating a presentation for a startup or an agency to pitch a product or an idea, this template is the best Keynote template you can use for that job. This template concentrates more on the stats with a minimal design approach. Since all these free keynote templates are created for the generic purpose, most of them won’t use animation effects. If you are minimalism lover, this simple template will definitely make you fall in love. With the present-day tools you can create any shapes easily and can give them more lively colors, but they will take time. PHOENIX PowerPoint + Keynote + Google Slides Bundle, The 17 Best Coronavirus PowerPoint Templates in 2020. The Onyx Free Keynote Template’s blueish background is going to catch your audience’s attention and each one of the slides are going to be appealing and persuasive to any kind of listener. Keynotes play a predominant role in business. Showing where you are now & where you will be after a few years, and how much you have grown all these years, will help you give a clear insight into your business. Behance The layout of the template is flexible, so you can use it for other purposes as well. Uni Free PowerPoint Template’s yellowish background color is going … Luckily for you, as you continue to read you are going to learn about 82 of the Best Free Keynote Templates that are bound to help you create a successful presentation. Go ahead and see why this is one of the Best Free Keynote Templates. The Every template is the best option for business presentations. As a package, this template also gives you free fonts and customizable shape elements. This keynote template is also from the creators of Simple minimal template mentioned above, so you can expect the same quality design with this template as well. More than enough space is given for the text contents to help you explain the project in detail to the slide. Text sizes are kept as bigger as possible so that the audience can easily read your content and can concentrate on your presentation. Luckily you can still download and use Keynote templates made by other designers. Space is from the creators of the Shape Shift template mentioned above. School. You may also like: Corporate Overview Keynote Template. The color combinations are used smartly so that this template will give a visual treat to your audience. Free Modern Keynote Template. Different colors are used for charts and icons to help you easily differentiate and show a different set of data. Major design aspect of any business website is to let the user explore the site without any difficulty, all the contents must be easily accessible and must promote your business genuinely. If you are in search of modern and creative free keynote templates like the templates used by big corporates, well, you are in the right place. With the Stylish Free Keynote Template’s lively and polished design, you will be able to keep your audience interested. The creator has mostly used vector icons in this slide. To make your customization work simpler we have also mentioned some of the best free tools like Canva to create interactive slides. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated or creative design for your presentation, this template has it all. This template is also available in the premium version. Other useful elements you get with this free keynote templates are editable maps, handmade maps, and twelve unique slides. All you have to do is to add your contents and create slides for your presentation. If you need to present numbers and statistics to your audience, the Modern Free Keynote Template is going to provide you all the layouts and designs to accomplish so. The Inc Free Keynote Template is going to help you perform a presentation in college, present your products to your investors, and even present your ideas to your colleagues. You can use this template package as a collection and can use it in other keynote presentations as well. The creator has used both mono colors and gradient colors in this template to make the template eye-catching. To match the minimal look of the template line icons are used. This free template has many different features that allow you to compact data into short, straightforward phrases that will not bore your audience and will allow you to present all the information you need to. Basics are one of the best free keynote templates that gives you minimal design templates. With its hundreds of different usages, the Verzus Minimal Keynote Template is what you need. With this keynote template you get five pre-designed slides, each of them have little bit design changes to avoid the same pattern. Geometric shapes designs are increasing nowadays, even big tech giants like Google and Microsoft are using these style slides in their conferences. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Large Collection Free Keynote Templates for MAC users for business, marketing, education. Plus, you also have highlighted tiles to make the important contents stand-out from the rest of the blocks. Another useful feature in this set is it is available in both dark and light skin version. With its complementary colors and images you can customize it with your company’s colors and logos or as you prefer. Show the relationship between your concepts and ideas in a more visual way with these Tree Infographics. Since it a freemium template, you get only a limited amount of slides in the free version. This is a freemium version, that is it a free version of a premium template. Comersa Free Pitch Deck Presentation Template, 12. Website Templates. For business, the default color scheme is not advisable but for presentation related to children will find this template extremely useful. Many people all over the world have some type of social media whether it be for social means or to do business. If you are looking for the best Keynote template to present your products and ideas to your audience, the Corporate Overview Keynote Template is what you need. The Muse Free Keynote Template is a conservative and creative template is very easy to edit. For example, the left sidebar gives you enough space to add your logo and other important elements. Free Keynote Templates. This template predominantly uses two color schemes, yellow and blue. But when you add more slides, your presentation becomes boring. The Business Plan template is a free template that helps you figure out where to start and finish your presentation! This Free Roadmap Presentation Template is perfect for showcasing and displaying the growth and timeline of your business or corporation. Every is a modish looking multipurpose keynote template. Don’t waste time struggling on how to build a presentation with these characteristics but download this free template. But the most important block is the software. All the elements and shapes are easy to edit, hence you can customize this template as per your demands. It has many features that are easy to work with and keep your presentation looking sophisticated and not dull. Both text and image contents are used effectively in this template to let you make an impressive presentation. As teachers have to deal with lots of presentations nowadays, free keynote templates for teachers like this will make the learning experience engaging for the students. If you are looking for keynote templates with an artistic touch, the Color template will impress you. With a clean layout and big typographies this highlight important points neatly. LOOKBOOK is a colorful and contemporary style keynote presentation template. Keynote is an excellent alternative to powerpoint because it offers the same things for free as its already on your Apple device! To make the template distinct from other templates, it uses geometric shapes. With this template you get five pre-made slides, all five uses different design patterns to match all types of presentation needs. The slides are designed like sections in websites, so you get a more interactive design with this template. Thanks to fresh visuals and bright tones on each slide, your young audiences will be absolutely attracted. As a package, this template gives you 18+ unique slide layouts. ... Best PowerPoint templates for education . The Business Keynote template is perfect for anyone who is looking to create a clean and modern presentation with ease. Tikala Free Presentation Template. Business, as the name implies it is a perfect keynote template for business presentation. With its vivid colors and design, the Business Pro Free Keynote Template is going to help you when it comes to persuading audience and keeping their attention. With its over 67,000 possibilities of editability, the Investor Pro Keynote Template is what you need when you are dealing with numbers and products on your presentation. A lot of categories, color solutions and different layout options for various presentation types. I ensure you that more than one will be useful to you and will help you with your business or class project. Education Presentation templates Manage your lessons and workshops or present a master’s thesis with these free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. You can pick the format you want at the time of download. Right from the fonts to the color scheme used, the designer of this template maintained a professional look so that you can use this template for multiple types of business purposes. Each one of the slides can be customized as you desire and can be used as it better suits your necessities. Saying that let us get into the list of free keynote templates. If you want to make a clean presentation by keeping your contents at the center, then this template is the best option for you. Sice all the design part is already taken care, all you have to do is to add your contents. Save time and money by downloading and editing any of these best free keynotes themes. If you want all the slides and elements used in this template pack, you can opt for the premium version. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "adb6b77ecd5f1acdc39e901c21aa5f8a" );document.getElementById("cfe4ead193").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. It also comes with many various icons One-Hundred percent free to you as long as you click the link and use this excellent free template. With an arrow roadmap themed design and a rich green color scheme, this template will surely enhance the visual outlook of your presentation in no time. Nearly ten ready-made slides are there in the free version. The Free Modern Keynote Template is one of the best free keynote templates that you need to present your company and your products effectively and cleanly. So if it is hard for you or you just do not have enough time to sit at a desk and think about how to make your presentation creative, this keynote template will be the perfect guide! If you are a modern creative agency or photography studio, you will find this free keynote template interesting and also useful for your presentation. The Flat Free Keynote template is a fantastic template to use no matter what industry you are into. An image worths a thousand words, within a given time and space we have to deliver all the important key points to the audience. Keep your audience entertained and have fun while making your presentation. Both images and text contents are given equal importance in this template so that you can explain your projects clearly to the users. The creator has given a high-class design in this template that you would normally see in a premium template. With its graphing paper design, the Notepad Free Keynote Template is a modern and quirky template that will catch your audicence’s attention as soon as you start presenting. The Leaf Free Keynote Template has a beautiful color scheme that really brings out the different shades of green to highlight all the data being presented through your presentation and makes it an eye-catching presentation. This Keynote template is a great choice if you want to present your portfolio in a unique and interactive manner. The fonts are also big and bold enough to read. Download All 1,313 PowerPoint “education” presentation templates unlimited times with a single Envato Elements subscription. Voodoo is a clean and professional-looking business presentation keynote template. Adding colors to your presentation could be perfect when presenting a pitch deck to investors because it will show the true spirit of your business and make them interested in your propositions. Spaces on the slides are utilized carefully to give you more space for the main content. The Best Free Education Keynote Templates Or, Click Here to Go Back to the Best Free Keynote Templates 34. Just like in the premium templates, this one also uses high-quality images and easy to edit vectors. Since this template is designed for creative minds, it includes many creative elements. These Education templates are ideal for different types of institutions (school, University, colleges). All slides have a clean layout, on which images and texts are clearly visible. Save time using pre-designed presentation templates that fit well for a wide range of presentation topics, from business to educational slide decks. If you have tools like Illustrator or Photoshop, you can easily edit the vectors as per your needs and use them on your slides. Just like the black and yellow template mentioned above, this template also uses the same color scheme, but this template uses the yellow color predominantly than the black color. On the clean slides, the texts are bold and easy to read. Since it is a free template, you get only a handful of slides pre-designed for you. It allows you to replace any images with pictures of your choice and has many different charts in which you can present your sales or marketing statistics in a visually creative way. These education templates have a wide range and can be customized depending upon the genre which is worked upon. The only small bummer of this template is you get just three premade slides, which is quite annoying for productive users. This is the reason why this keynote template is a sharp tool that you can obtain to persuade your audience. Each one of the slides was created to accomplish one thing: success. Use these timelines in your next presentation with your potential investors and break down the history of your company very easily. This template was designed to make your life easier. This presentation template pack is available in Apple’s Keynote format, Microsoft Powerpoint format, and Google’s Slides format. More Best Selling: Keynote Templates:Abstract; Business; Finance; Creative; Nature; Miscellaneous; Verzus Minimal Keynote Template. This template gives you a countless number of premade slides and 230+ free vectors as a package.

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